About Us


Motormind is an industrial design and prototyping company.

We combine individuality with style to bring you products which reflect an aspect of form following function. Our products add personality and character to mass produced vehicles for individuals who like to express their own unique tastes.

Established in 2008 in Bangalore by entrepreneur engineer Mr. Shahid Haq , alumni of Coventry University industrial design, who started experimenting with Manufacturing techniques, composites and metal working methods.



About the team

The creative team consists of industrial designers, engineers, 3 D modelers , pattern makers and body graphic artists constantly pushing the boundaries for perpetual innovation.

Here at Motormind Automotive Designs we want to be part of  heritage.

Being a new brand, we in the process of creating a design legacy on par with international brands.

World class designs are made accessible with our products and services; which are infused with passion right from inception.